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  Well the day is here though we knew it was coming we didn't expect it to arrive so fast, with the Prime minister
announcing the closure of indoor fitness facilities as of lunch time Monday 23/3/2020.

Thou some of our clients have suggested 11th st should stay open (due to being a wellness centre and not a gym).  Let me assure you after to talking to Fitness Australia very late this afternoon the government is expecting all indoor sporting venues to close and that includes PT Studios, Pilates Studios, Yoga Studios,
Crossfit Studios basically every registered fitness business in Australia

So both our centres will close Monday 23/3/2020 at 12 noon and we will reassess in approx 3 weeks times.

During this closed period we will be conducting online group classes delivered by our team for you to participate in at home.              
Please contact Narella at to participate in these classes.  

Classes conducted will include  Attack, MetaFit, Yoga, Balance, Butts n Guts, Barre and maybe some form of Step class, we will also be posting some PT sessions you can do at home. Your messages of support to us and our team and the gym has been fantastic and we Thank you so much in this very tough time.

If anyone would like to suspend their membership or just find out where they stand until this is all sorted, please once again contact

Keeping in mind we have already added 1 month to almost all memberships and would appreciate your patience in this matter..

Thank you again, please stay safe so we can once again train together.  

John Hollywood

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